Vega All-In-One Nutritional Shake Chocolate

I started drinking “green” protein shakes several years back by adding Vitamineral Green into a protein shaft and found it worked well for me. I later used Shakeology for awhile and liked it a lot, but it’s pricey. I thought I would try Vega as it seemed to have everything I wanted in a shake and although not inexpensive it’s still a significant savings over Shakeology. I think the taste of the chocolate is good. It doesn’t have much chalkiness which most veggie protein shakes have. The chocolate flavor is pretty mild/bland but maybe because I just mix it with a fair amount of water. It blends easier than almost any other powder I’ve tried; I don’t even need the metal ball for my blender bottle. It could be unrelated, but I thought I had a bit more energy & regularity with Shakelology and Vitamineral Green. The ingredients in Vega seem top notch too, but I wonder if it’s as potent or missing something. Still I like it and am starting my 3rd tub of it shortly.

Asked on January 11, 2017 in Sports.
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