Qunol Mega CoQ10

I have to admit I’m supplement junkie, and cannot read enough about nutrition/supplements, natural health, etc. I research extensively local and internet pricing on supplements. You will be hard pressed to find a better value for a quality CoQ10 product. This is a “core” supplement, and should be on everyone’s short list. The research behind the benefits of ubiquinol is significant. Older folks should take this form (ubiquinol) of Coq10 as it should lead to higher levels of Coq10 in the blood. The 120 capsules size is just great, love the product!

Asked on January 11, 2017 in Health.
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    Two months ago my doctor gave me a prescription for Lovaza, when I went to fill, the price was over $200. I could not see paying this so I just started takin a few extra of the normal fish oil gel tabs, daily. At about the same time while at Costco I was given a sample of the CoQ10, I thought that it could not hurt and purchased a bottle of the 100 mg softgels. I have tried to be diligent in taking my fish oil daily along with C0Q10. One side effects of the fish oil I had in the past was excessive amounts of ear wax. With the increased amount of fish oil and the CoQ10 I have noticed much less ear wax. Just had a follow-up blood test, I didn’t tell the lab that I was not taking the prescription for the mega fish oil Lovaza. I got a call from lab and was told my cholesterol and triglycerides were doing much better and to keep taking the lovaza prescription(which I was not taking). In 4 months when I have my next regular visit I’ll tell the Dr. what I have been taking (unless I find out I have been doing something wrong)

    Answered on January 11, 2017.
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