Orijen Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

I have a 8 y.o. Shep/Rott who has always been a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. I had tried to switch him from a big name brand food to a slightly higher rated one lesser known brand but he would have random episodes of diarreah that we couldn’t find the cause of. We had him back on the big brand name food because that seemed to agree with his stomach but I still wanted to upgrade his food. When I was switching him over from the big brand name food to Orijen he suddenly developed an interest in food. Before he would pick at it through out the day and not have much interest in it. When I added Orijen all the sudden he ate the whole portion in 5 minutes. Over the past month his coat has improved his BMs are normal and regular and he is just all around a healthier happier dog on Orijen. I have my Cane Corso on Orijen Six Fish and he is doing very well on that also.

Asked on January 12, 2017 in Childcare.
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    We breed top show dogs and own several heavily used stud dogs. As you can well imagine, food is a key and integral part of our program for conditioning and longevity. About 2 yrs ago, we wanted to switch out the food on our Champion Boy who began to develop some issues on other “premium” brand dog foods. Where to go.
    We did try feeding raw and was not totally satisfied. I heard many good things about Orijen and started with a bag. Within about 3 weeks we noticed a tremendous improvement in the health and well being of this dog.
    Adding other dogs to the routine was simple as the product tastes fabulous. In a short time we realized just how good this food was and that we could actually feed 2 cups per day as opposed to the recommended 4 cups per day.
    Energy, skin and coat, and fertility continued to improve. We would not change a thing.
    Answered on January 12, 2017.
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