Microsoft Surface Book Bundle With Surface Dock – Intel Core i5

OK for the right use.

But really for the price you can buy a really nice laptop. Maybe the Surface Book fits a niche for someone, not sure who. In tablet mode it seems hard to hold on to and the screen brightness seems to adjust even when it does not need to. It seems to find its error quickly and readjust but it is aggravating. Continuously have problems with it dropping the internet. The internet issue is something that seems to be a Windows 10 compatibility issue or so I have read in some forums. After dealing with it a few days I gave it back to my company and they returned it.

Asked on March 5, 2017 in Computer.
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    Bad hinge design and too many small bugs

    Major problems: The hinge isn’t very sturdy unless you open it up most of the way. If you want it at a 20 degree angle it will just slowly close on you. Also it doesn’t open up very far. I’m not tall like the other reviewer, but I still feel it’s hard to use on your lap. I feel like I’m standing above somebody else while they’re sitting and using their computer.

    Another major problem is that screen brightness is not stable. One minute it will be dark and then bright, and then dark again. Worse is that when it wakes up sometimes it goes full brightness for a second, which is almost blinding. If it is too bright there are no buttons to adjust it immediately if the keyboard isn’t attached. Note, there aren’t designated brightness keys on the keyboard, but there are shortcuts commands that do the trick.

    Minor problems that should be fixed by now: This product has been out for well over a year, so if it was new these would be understandable. Graphical glitches are plenty. Sometimes windows will flicker, or videos will become garbled for a second. This most common in tablet mode. Another problem is that the taskbar will sometimes randomly resize itself. The “hello” login feature by camera has one major flaw. If you want to log out, it will immediately log you back in. Another thing is if someone is trying to install a program, all they need to do is point the laptop at you and it will automatically give them admin privileges.

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    Answered on March 5, 2017.
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