Kirkland Signature Glucosamine with MSM

I had been taking this for years for knee pain and had great relief, but always wondered about its effectiveness versus just healing on my part but didn’t want to quit just in case. I have a 160 lbs pitbull who was about 7 years old and he jumped from my bed before I could stop him and slipped on the hardwood floors injuring himself. Took him to the vet and was told he had torn the inner and outer ACL in both knees and that for his sake we should put him down. We wanted time to think and plan so we waited, after two weeks we had pretty much decided to do it because my friend was in great pain and we didn’t have the $4000 that the doctor wanted for the surgeries to fix his ACLs. When I was taking my meds we thought what the heck and gave him a dose pushed into some hot dogs. We gave it to him twice a day for a week, than once a day, this was three years ago now and while not as spry as he was at 7 he’s still really spry for a 10 year old large breed dog. Though vets will tell you never to give people meds to a dog this seems to be the exception, his new vet told us that this had been exactly the right thing to do and all owners of later life dogs should do the same thing.

Asked on January 11, 2017 in Health.
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    Originally I bought this product because it included 1500 mg of MSM–which in the past had cured severe sciatica down my left leg. The pain never returned. Now that I’m 83 and walk 5 days a week for a total of 14 Miles, I needed the MSM plus the glucosamine to protect my knee joints. This product along with a knee-support eliminated right-knee pain after 30 days of use and I continue to walk and use the product 2x daily–so far about 2600 miles with no pain.

    Answered on January 11, 2017.
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