Iron-Tek Essential Natural Protein Vanilla

If you do your homework, really do your homework, you wont find a better Protein powder. All ingredients clearly listed, along with the type of extraction process used. Thats not something a lot of manufacturers list. The whey extraction is the best possible process on the market. It also doesnt have all the artificial stuff most others do. I cant imagine what that other stuff does in the long run, but I know its not good. Irontek Essential Naturals on the otherhand has all the good, none of the bad, and the big thing? … It has the best taste! Give it a try, I stand by this particular product and have so since I first tried it. I like Vanilla Cake the best, but they are all good, and mild enough to be blended into all types of things. In fact Ive even added it to homemade bread dough, and root beer floats! Oh, another big deal for me, this stuff blends well. Add it to a glass of ANYTHING and it wont clump up. Good Stuff!!!

Asked on January 7, 2017 in Sports.
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    This protein powder really does taste like Vanilla Cake. Makes a great smoothie with just water. It is 135 calories though. If you are restricting your caloric intake I reccomend the Jarrow Unflavored Whey at 85 calories. Note that the amount of protein in the Jarrow whey appears less but the scoop is larger in the IronTek product– so I believe the even out. This powder does provide two sources of protein. I blend it up in water with ice and frozen wild blueberries- delish!

    Answered on January 7, 2017.
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