Celadrin Advanced Joint Health

In October I started experiencing pain and stiffiness in one knee. Always being very active including daily exercise I thought I had injured myself. After it continued for a month I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I was shocked and sadden, I was only 56! Out of 10, I would rate my pain a 7.

He gave me a knee brace and physical therapy. After 2 months of therapy the pain, I would say my pain had decreased to a 6. Determined to be pain free I began searching for a natural supplement something other than gloucosamine. I was scared to take gloucosamine because of the shell fish possibly raising my cholesterol. After reading all the great reviews for this product including those that said they noticed results in days or a couple of weeks I decided to give this a try. I started taking 2 pills a day on 1/15 and by 2/28 my pain and stiffness had decreased to a 5. I was so disappointed I was ready to give up.

But I decided to at least finish the bottle, but was not going to buy anymore. But I am pleases to share that for the last 5 days my pain and stiffness has decreased to 1.5 and at times a 0!!! I am thinking by the time I finish the bottle (another month worth) I will be at a 0 consistently.

While I am not completely pain free yet, I am extremely satisfied, I can exercise and do stairs with very little pain. I feel like it has been a miracle!

I normally don’t write reviews, but decided I wanted to pay it forward and give encouragement to at least take the entire bottle before giving up. Also note, I take fish oil and 500 mg of Tumeric along with stretching. But have been doing that all along, I think this product is what is giving me the greatest improvement!

I’m now going to order another bottle

Asked on January 11, 2017 in Health.
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